Running a business takes a lot of resources. Over time, your business accumulates massive amounts of data in stacks of paper or outdated databases. If computers are utilized, they are run in isolation. Only the user logged into that computer can access the important data stored therein. Backups simply do not exist. Lost passwords are a nightmare.

If this sounds like your business, chances are that you feel your computers are not an asset, but rather a roadblock. These tools are not being used to their potential.

Netbits, Inc. can help design and setup a smart office network that provides data centralization, file and printer sharing and routine backups. Netbits, Inc. can turn your paper-bound processes into efficient data entry systems capable of instant information retrieval. Unable to rewire your office? Rest assured as there are plenty of affordable wireless network technologies.

Even if you do not have an Internet connection, your business can benefit from an office Intranet to replace stacks of paper.

Netbits, Inc. Network Services
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Network Services

Small Office Network Design and Setup
Wireless Networking
Intranets and Information Portals
Broadband Internet Setup and Configuration
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Security, Firewalls, Data Encryption
Information Storage Databases
File and Printer Sharing
Web and Email Server Setup

Other Related Services

Unsolicited Junk Email (SPAM) Filtering
Computer Hardware Acquisition, Setup and Installation
Maintenance and Disaster Recovery (e.g. Backups)
Monitoring Systems (Video Capture)
Other Various Services Dictated by your Business Needs
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