When the time and/or resources are simply unavailable for a project, Netbits, Inc. relies on its technical partners.

For example, Netbits, Inc. offers affordable web hosting, but for new sites that require very high bandwidth or eCommerce, your site may be placed under the supervision of one of the Internet Service Providers listed here. If this is to be the case, it will be documented in the contract.

The list of Non-Technical partners consists of small businesses or individual businesses that have provided services for Netbits, Inc. or are clients of Netbits, Inc. Please contact them if you need any of the services they provide.

I have worked with each of the partners listed here and have full confidence in their abilities and vouch for the professionalism.

Netbits, Inc. Partners
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Technical Partners

Fastconcepts - Internet Service Provider and Web Site Design
The Best ISP - Internet Service Provider
Front15 Consulting - An Internet Consulting Company

Non-Technical Partners

Performance Solutions - Performance Solutions Group (PSG) is a Twin Cities consortium of consultants and coaches working with entrepreneurs, corporate managers, work teams and motivated individuals who want to become more effective and successful.
Jay Simpson, LLC. - Business Law Specialist Providing Legal Expertise and Personal Service
Hansen, Jergenson, Nergaard & Co., LLP - Certified Public Accountants and Management Consultants
Jason Beckman - Mortgage Officer
Cashcards International
Anam Cara Consulting, Inc. (RTF File)
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