The Internet levels the playing field for small businesses. On the Internet, all companies are essentially the same size.

When you visit a web site that looks professional, you transfer that impression to the business associated with the web site, without knowing much about the business beyond what is transmitted to your web browser.

A professional web site conveys the message that you run an efficient business that reaches out to web saavy customers. A small business trying to create brand awareness has the opportunity to reach out to millions of potential customers through their web site.

Netbits, Inc. has a variety of resources to help design a new site for your business, or redesign an existing site. This attracts new customers to your business and provides existing customers with an alternate method to conduct business transactions.

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Web Services

Web Sites with a Professional Look and Feel
Dynamic Web Pages Integrated with your Back Office Databases
Secure Encrypted Transmissions for Sensitive Information
eCommerce Options for Internet Sales
Domain Name Registration (
Routine maintenance and backups

Hosting Alternatives

Host using Netbits, Inc. Servers (Most Affordable)
Host using one of the Internet Service Providers on the partners page
Host on your own server onsite. (Most Expensive, Most Control)
Host with your existing Internet Service Provider and use Netbits, Inc. for site design.
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